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Panna Knock Out - A Sport with a Mission

Panna is a lightning-fast form of street football in which nutmegging your opponent is the ultimate goal! However, Panna Knock Out is about more than just nutmegs. It promotes social cohesion, an active lifestyle, personal development and participation in society. So there are more goals than you’d think!

Worldcup Panna Knock Out

Sportservice Nederland and its partners have been organising Panna Knock Out™ tournaments in both the Netherlands and abroad. The winners of these tournaments qualify for the Panna Knock Out™ World Cup.

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Prince Willem-Alexander & Clarence Seedorf   First European Championship

Prins Panna2012 - Clarence Seedorf and the Dutch Prince Willem-Alexander at the tournament in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

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EK Panna KO 20122012 - Mo Boutaka wins the first European Championship Panna Knock Out.

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Partnership Arsenal in the Community   First Ducth Championship

Partnership Arsenal in the Community2009 - After succesful tours in the UK in 2008 and 2009, Arsenal in the Community become partner of Panna Knock Out.

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NK Panna KO 20052005 - Hoessain Kamal conquers the title at the first Dutch Championship Panna Knock Out.

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Read more history of Panna Knock Out   Read more history of Panna Knock Out
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